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We're back!

Welcome to the refreshed and updated website! It's been a while since I've updated the news section so here's a quick summary of the last (almost) 2 years:

We had a great experience going through the 2020 Olympic qualifying process. At just 9 years old, Sammy was amazing! While our lack of experience together at that level showed, I couldn't have been more proud of him and what we accomplished together. I do sometimes think about all the "what ifs", mostly if we had the luxury of more time. However, Sammy has always been a sales horse and last year he sold to an incredible home. While that was certainly a difficult goodbye, I have loved watching his new partnership grow and I am always thankful to the Tolman family for the incredible experience of being Sammy's partner for 6 years. What a ride.

With the number one horse gone and only some very young horses of my own, my career path certainly changed. I was fortunate to get some lovely horses in training and was able to focus more on my clients' development. I spent the first winter in in Canada in 18 years!

Last summer I made the decision to move my business to Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre in beautiful British Columbia. The town of Kamloops may not be a hotbed of dressage, but it is a short and breathtaking drive from the coast or a quick connecting flight from most locations. Sun Meadows is an incredible facility that has room for my business to grow as I refocus on riding and training horses. I realized that while I love to coach and help develop riders, my biggest inspiration comes from sitting in the saddle. Problem solving, schooling, and progressing with the horse is my first love; because it keeps me learning, riding helps me be a better instructor.

I am thrilled to have already built up a great group of clients who trust me with their horse's education, and am excited to welcome more horses in for training and sales. Of course I'm still teaching lessons and juggling a busy clinic schedule; I truly love to see the progress in my riders!

We had a reasonable show season, highlighted with Keri Rodgers' beautiful Hendrix winning Dressage BC Third Level Champion!

Always looking for opportunities to keep myself inspired, I was able to ride in the Team Strategy Pathways clinic with Cara Whitham in October, and this in November we were very fortunate to get Canada's Olympic rider Lindsay Kellock to Sun Meadows for a clinic. I look forward to more educational opportunities in the new year!

If 2022 holds it together, we might have a solid show season this summer, and I can't wait to get out and see everyone and cheer as you go down centreline!

Thanks for making it this far! I hope you look around and enjoy the beautiful photos, check out our sales horses, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help you along in your dressage journey!

*Big huge shout out to the amazing and talented Heathiekins for all of your help getting this website back up & running. Hit me up if you want her contact!


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