"Eiren Crawford is not only a wonderful rider, she is also a kind honest and trustworthy person. She truly believes in the horses she sells. I first met Eiren in Denmark when she was stabled with Andreas Helgestrand. I was looking for a schoolmaster Grand Prix horse for Brittany Fraser. The horse Eiren showed me was exactly what we needed. She also showed me her 3 year old Sir Donnerhall mare. She practically forced me to buy her saying I would regret it if I didn't and she was right! That mare, (Valentine), is now 6 and one of the most talented and kindest horses I have in my stable. She just won a 2nd level test with over 75 percent from a famous FEI judge!

Thank you Eiren!  If it wasn't for you I would not be the proud owner of Valentine!"

Ashley Holzer

Four Time Olympian

"As if having an FEI trainer in Florida recommend Eiren as the best trainer to work with in the Maryland area isn’t high enough praise, Eiren welcomed this Adult Amateur with open arms.  Eiren has an excellent eye and an never-ending number of exercises to correct the many issues that result from trying to climb the ladder to Prix St. Georges and beyond.  She is kind and funny and allows me a safe place to confront whatever issue we currently face.  She consistently finds a way to break down each problem into manageable pieces and then correct it!  Several students at my barn have started lessons with Eiren and they feel the same way about her that I do.  I look forward to every lesson with Eiren because she is a terrific instructor and a wonderful person too! 


She has my highest recommendation!"

Jill Frumin

Adult Amateur

"Buying my Grand Prix schoolmaster Countess from Eiren Crawford was a great experience. Eiren was very honest and discussed everything I needed to know about Countess before she flew to New York. I would defiantly recommend Eiren if you are looking for your next dressage partner!"


Brittany Fraser

Grand Prix Dressage

"Eiren is a rare jewel, a down to earth, unpretentious and highly adaptable trainer with a a truly outstanding depth of knowledge and focus on horse care and rider confidence. From inexperienced to the highest levels, Eiren has the proven skills and experience to work with any and every rider.


...and, and... she jumps too!"


Kristy Fearis

Grand Prix Jumper

“I met Eiren when I filled her temporary working student position. I can attest that horses love her and their jobs because of her clear aids, encouraging personality, and cross training techniques. She is a very effective rider with an endless toolbox of exercises to have success with all types of horses and riders. She has dramatically improved my own riding and training process while successfully helping me rehab my horse Versace back to full-time FEI work. Under her teaching and keen eye, Versace and I debuted PSG together with scores up to 72%! I am a huge advocate for Eiren personally and professionally. The United States is lucky to have her!”


Alexa Derr

Prix St. George Dressage