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Horse show, home, clinic...

What a season it's been! California finished off with an incredible show at Rancho Murieta CDI, at the gorgeous Murieta Equestrian Center. Sammy was a star in the Small Tour, finishing second in the Prix St Georges (68.971%) and Intermediate 1 (68.853%), and a WIN in our first ever Freestyle! The judges unanimously agreed on his performance and scored us a 73.435% It was SO MUCH FUN! I borrowed the music and can't thank composer Carlene Friesen of Kurexcellence enough!

From there we packed up and drove 2000 miles back to Canadiana Equestrian Centre. The horses, dogs, and myslef are so happy to be home... even if it is just for a few days.

Tomorrow I head to The Dressage Studio in Edmonton again for the third instalment of Intensely Dressage, the fantastic youth series created by Carol Robinson. I have enjoyed each clinic so far and expect this one to be even more exciting as we start to prepare for summer show season!

Here is my freestyle ride with Sammy. What a good, good boy.

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