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Stephen Clarke Symposium Success!

We all had an amazing weekend learning from the one and only Stephen Clarke! Both as a rider and an auditor, it was an outstanding experience. Westman Dressage and CADORA knocked it out of the park with this event! Stephen is an extremely well spoken, experienced educator with an incredibly quick ability to identify a horse and rider's strengths and weaknesses. His positive and patient teaching style made every combination feel like they could accomplish what he asked and everyone had a successful lesson.

I could not have been more proud of Ruffles and Sammy! They both performed so well, giving 100% effort and showcasing themselves beautifully. Ruffles made third level work look like a game, and Stephen said that Sammy and I were ready for the CDI Small Tour ring. What a confidence boost! Thank you, my wonderful ponies!

Thank you so much Le Tack Truck and Devoucoux for your support, keeping the horses and I well dressed and comfortable at this (and all) events!

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