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Next Adventure!

I am very excited to have been chosen as a rider for the Build a Better Dressage Horse symposium with Stephen Clarke at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba. I will be riding Ruffles in a third level lesson and Sammy in a Prix St George lesson. To get the eyes and advice of such an accomplished 5* judge will be outstanding.

One of the organizers recently shared this and I feel like it sums up all you need to know:

I was speaking with someone about the "Build a better dressage horse" clinic coming up with Stephen Clarke. The thought was that this clinic was professional or advanced level riders to audit. Westman Dressage has brought this clinic to Brandon to showcase the training scale and the progression of the horses training. Many of us don't get the opportunity to see more advanced horses - to get a picture in our mind of where we want to go with our riding.This clinic is for every rider with aspirations to ride and train your horse to a higher level!

Jumper riders - between the fences - Eventers and of course dressage riders to look at the changes we see in the riders and horses from Training Level to Intermediare!

Cost is $ 90.00 for one day and $ 160 for two days. The "Educate your eye" clinic is also for everyone! It will be at the Greenspot Nursery - (dress in layers!) Appetizers and wine - a presentation from Stephen and time for questions. $ 20.00 if you have purchased a two day pass, $ 25.00 for a one day pass.

Our banquet on Saturday evening at the Keystone Centre is $ 50.00 and includes Brandon University Music students providing entertainment prior to dinner and DAS Femmes after dinner!If you are interested, for an application form go HERE.

you can sign up for what you want to attend, take a picture of your form, send to and then you can e-transfer to him or send a cheque!All are welcome - this is a unique opportunity to see a world class clinician teach! We will all come away with knowledge!!

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