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Back in Canada!

It's been just over a month now, but the dust is settling and I couldn't be happier to be back in Canada! It was a great time at the KWPN Summer Seminar followed an epic road trip that went incredibly smooth. The horses have settled in so well at the beautiful Canadiana Equestrian Centre, and the dogs quite happily have claimed it and it's people as their own. I've started teaching with some haul-ins and a little bit of traveling, and the calendar is getting busy with a few new clinic locations! I am also very excited to be bringing home my four year old boy, Jabam SSF (Everdale x Jazz x Roemer), bred by Scot Tolman at Shooting Star Farm. Jabam has been at school with his little brother Kanadian SSF (UB40 x Sir Sinclair), and is ready for me to take over the reins. Little Kanadian will have a bit more time before he gets out of school :)

We are all very excited to get Lendon Gray here for her first TEAM Program clinic. We have had a lot of rider applications and interest in auditing from all of us over 25 year olds who don't qualify for the D4K programs. My newsletter will be having more information out as it becomes available, so if you haven't signed up yet please do!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this massive journey and transition in my life, I am so excited to be back in Canada and support the dressage community here!

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