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Elite Dressage Horse & Rider Training and Sales





All Points Dressage Inc. founder and head trainer Eiren Crawford’s vision is to provide top quality horses and training for the serious and ambitious dressage rider/competitor in North America.


After sixteen years of training and competing in Europe and America, Eiren returned to Canada in 2018, and is now based at Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre in Kamloops, British Columbia. 


Eiren’s vast experience, working for and training with no fewer than four Olympians, has provided her with a comprehensive tool kit for training working with a wide variety of horses and riders.  The major influences shaping her training theories have been Olympians Ingrid Klimke and Morten Thomsen, for both of whom she was an assistant rider.  In Germany, Denmark, and across North America, Eiren has successfully trained and competed horses from three years old to Grand Prix competition.



From the many lessons she learned from her mentors, one of the most memorable was a simple answer to a question argued strongly at the time; which training system do you believe in, the German or Dutch? Lars Petersen answered something along the lines of, “I don’t have a System, I just ride the horse how it needs to be ridden.”  That open minded approach to training each horse as an individual has shaped much of Eiren’s approach today.


Another major influence was Ingrid Klimke’s commitment to a Happy Athlete. Ingrid and her barn full of horses all took joy in the process each day. 


There is no single training system or method of producing horses, but the desired results are consistent: a healthy, happy horse progressing in training for his purpose. 


Please get in touch to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them!



All Points Dressage maintains a group of exceptional horses in Kamloops, BC.

Our ambitious team is committed to training award winning horses and riders. We champion an extended transcontinental network that stretches across North America and Europe, and we would be delighted to connect with you regarding future partnerships. View our listed horses or contact All Points Dressage for further information.



Tel: 587-437-3340

Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre

7373 Barnhartvale Rd.

Kamloops, BC V2C 6T7

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